Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fondant Baby Booties Tutorial

I have been promising this one, and have taken all the pictures, so I thought I need to sit down at put it together. Here is my method of making these cute little fondant booties which can be used on baby shower cupcakes, or on a cake.

You will need:
 - fondant & cmc / or gumpaste
 - small 5 petal blossom cutter
 - toothpick
 - small craft brush

Let's get started!!

I like to make the white blossoms first, so they are a little dry by the time I want to put them on the front of the let's start there. (sorry the fondant is yellow in the picture)

Roll out your fondant until it is very thin, then use your five petal blossom cutter to cut tiny blossoms, then leave these to dry slightly while you make your booties.

Roll out balls of fondant, then flatten one side slightly. For these booties, each ball was a little larger than a pea.

Roll out your fondant into a long snake, then cut two pieces just under 1cm long. (the thickness and the length of these will change depending on the size of your booties. Using your paint brush, paint on a tiny bit of water to adhere the two pieces together.

Using a balling tool, the end of a chopstick, or even your little finger press down to make an indent.

I used a cutting wheel tool here, but I have made these booties again, and used the toothpick (which worked better) to make little indents around the "sock" part of the booties.

Now use your toothpick to make little dots in a u shape around the front of the booties.

Paint a tiny bit of water onto the centre of your bootie, then glue on your blossom.

And here they are....6 pairs of little booties :-)

Happy caking!!