Monday, March 5, 2012

Pink Christening Cake

This beautiful pink Christening cake was for a pink, white and brown themed Christening Day. The design of the cake was kept fairly simple, with the quilting design on the bottom tier, and the tiny blossoms on the top of both tiers. Each blossom was individually piped into place, then the centres of the flowers were piped in. I counted over 200 blossoms while piping the centres...then kind of lost count, but it was somewhere in that region :-)
For the blossoms I used the 2 smallest of the PME Blossom cutters - as shown here.

As you can see the little blossoms have a little indent in the centre, this is made from the ejector cutter - but I will do a tutorial on how I make and dry my little blossoms very can also see in the background I have a few larger cupcake toppers drying on my baking tray - I will do a tutorial on how to make these too....lots more to come, so click on FOLLOW to stay up to date on my postings, or like me on Facebook.
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