Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jungle Birthday

This week, a little boy named Hugo turned 1....his birthday party invitations had jungle animals on them, which became the inspiration for his cake. It was a gluten free chocolate cake, filled and iced with chocolate ganache, covered in fondant then decorated with hand modelled animal figurines. I fell in love with the little cheeky monkey...he was sooooo cute!
 I love this cake, it makes me smile....and it was so lovely seeing his Mum's face when I delivered the cake, she was just thrilled with it. I know a lot of professions go husband is a farmer, and he doesn't really get people saying "thank you so much for those zucchini, they must have taken forever to grow"....but I am very lucky that when I deliver a cake, I get so much praise, and excitement it makes all the late nights worth while, and I drive home on the biggest high, with a huge grin on my face. 

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