Saturday, January 28, 2012

Latte Wedding Cake

I fell in love with this couple when I first met them....and their wedding was everything I would want if I were to do it again (not that I am planning anything...I am VERY HAPPILY MARRIED!). The cake design, was something I had seen in a magazine and fell in love with, and was thrilled when they chose it to base their wedding cake from. Now while I was in love with the cake, the couple, the venue, and everything else, this was by far the most stressful wedding I have ever made the cake far!!!

The cake baked and covered beautifully, but those darn Bride and Groom figurines were an absolute nightmare! I made them without too much drama, but this last week has been raining, and when it hasn't been raining, it has been so muggy and humid it was a nightmare!!! All of the fellow cake decorators out there will understand completely!

Now, we have air conditioning, and my wonderful husband discovered that they have a "dry" mode, which removes the humidity from the room.... you would think that this would solve the problem...but no, every now and then, I would go into the room to discover the figurines so shiny and sticky that I was afraid they were going to melt completely and give the wicked witch from the west a run for her money. Thankfully, as shiny as they got, they never lost their shape, and in the end I think they look remarkably good!

As I mentioned above the cake design was based on one found in a Wedding Cakes Magazine, but we made a few alterations to make it our own. For the bottom tier, we liked the double height cakes, but thought they were a bit extreme, so I suggested rather that doubling the height, we just increase it by half. So the bottom tier is a triple layer caramel mud cake with white chocolate ganache. It stood approximately 14cm high. The top tier is a toblerone mud cake, with two layers filled and iced with dark chocolate ganache.

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