Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Babushka Doll Cake

I created this cake for a client's Babushka themed baby shower. She knew she was expecting a boy, and gave me the beautiful colour pallet of pale teal, blue, yellow and latte. The cake was carved from chocolate mud cake before being crumb coated in chocolate ganache and covered in fondant.
To cover the cake, I firstly added the latte colour around the base of the doll and trimmed the top to the shape required (slightly sloping up at the front). I then added the teal head colour, and again trimmed it to fit perfectly against the latte bottom. Then it was just a matter of adding the belly colours, face and the final details. I quilted the belly and added little blossoms, then hand painted the white daisies over the head.

Upon delivering this little cake, I discovered that the client had actually gone into early labour and already had the beautiful baby boy that day, so the shower had to be cancelled :-( Thankfully Mum and Bub were both well (even though he was 4 weeks early), and they now plan on freezing the cake and using it for his Christening.

Happy Baking!

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    It looks so cute and surely will taste yummy.
    The Babushka doll cake is perfect for celebrating kids birthday.
    While gifting a real Russian nesting doll along with Babushka cake will add more enjoyment.