Monday, August 13, 2012

Lego Storage

While on the Lego theme...I thought I would share our lego storage system. I got the idea from my favourite (non cake) blog iheart organizing and have basically done the same thing, but used a different IKEA cabinet. 

Firstly, I sorted the lego into the various colours: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White, Grey, Black, Brown & Orange. This way I could decide how big the containers had to be. The Trojan wall unit had the best sized containers for our lego collection.

We also have a container for People (and their things, like shovels, suitcases etc), wheels, instruction books, and a "half made" container, for all of the work in progress.

It is working like a treat, and my 6 year old is finding it really easy to find the pieces he needs during construction, and more importantly...maintain!

Happy building :-D


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