Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hot pink and Black

This glamourous birthday cake was created for a Black and Pink themed cocktail party. Inspiration for the design came from the dress that the birthday girl was going to wear which was pink with black lace. This is only my second topsy turvy cake, and I am really happy with the result.

I had free reign over the entire cake, which was lots of fun....I was originially planning on airbrushing the tiers to create a gradual gradient from a lighter to darker pink, but decided to go with a two tone instead....or three tone, as the icing on the board was a darker pink again.

The paisly style shapes were created by using my frangipani flower petal cutters, along with a few tear drop shapes in there too. Finally the design was finished off with some black royal icing dots and cachous to give it the must have "bling" factor.

I tested out a couple of new flavours too (well not new, but new for me), with the top tier I went for a cookies and cream mud cake, and the bottom a chocolate cherry ripe mud cake.

Thank you for reading!

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