Friday, December 2, 2011

How to make Candy Cane cupcake toppers

Candy Cane by Coco Jo Cakes
Candy Cane, a photo by Coco Jo Cakes on Flickr.

I recently made 30 gift boxes of Christmas cupcakes, with 6 cupcakes in each, all with their own decoration....Candy cane, Snowflake, Christmas tree, Christmas wreath, Holly and Stars. Here is a quick "how to" make the Candy canes.

You will need:
50g red fondant
50g white fondant
a little CMC

A hint to make red fondant, colour your fondant as red as you can, then leave it overnight for the colour to darken.

Mix your cmc into your red and white fondant, this will help it dry.

Roll out half of your white fondant into a long sausage, then do the same with the red.

Pinch the red and white sausages together at one end, then twist them together until they look like a candy cane, and the two colours are stuck together.

Cut your stripy sausage into equal lengths (how long depends on how big you would like your candy cane) Mine were approx 6cm, then shape into the candy cane and place on a baking tray lined with baking paper to dry.

I like to leave my toppers for at least a week to dry completely which will help them to keep their shape after being placed on wet buttercream icing.

Happy Christmas baking :-)

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