Friday, June 10, 2011

Another show entry

These cupcakes were for an entry at the Yeppoon show. After decorating the cakes I read the entry requirements and realised that there wasn't a section for 'decorated cupcakes' it was just 'cupcakes' and therefore they would be judged for their taste etc not just their looks. It wasn't a concern, but I would have taken a bit more care in the baking of the cakes had I known. The judging criteria is 3 points appearance, 5 points taste, 3 points texture and 3 points for originality. According to hubby, they are a great tasting cupcake, so fingers crossed. I am actually quite excited to be judged on how good they taste - not just what they look like.
I do love the design of these cakes... very pretty, yet simple and elegant! I think they would be lovely for a wedding, but also a ladies morning tea or baby shower. They remind me of my Grandma - I would have loved to have given her a set of these for her birthday.

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