Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bow cake

This weekend's cake was for my wonderful Mum-in-law (and I am not being sarcastic), I have been wanting to try making fondant bows for a while, and as I have been sick with some kind of flu and didn't have the time or energy to think or make anything else, I decided now was the time to give it a go...after all, it's just one giant bow to cover and decorate an entire cake!
Anyway, it was very easy to make (although my fondant did crack a little) and I can't wait to have a go at making some other variations on this in the future.
The cake itself was an 8" chocolate mudcake, covered with ganache, then (as I need practice putting on fondant) covered in chocolate fondant. I was quite happy with how it turned out, considering how little work went into it...a great cake for those busy weeks! You will definitely be seeing more of these in the future :-)

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